Marriage And The 2 Valleys Of Life


Marriage as an institution is under constant attack and that makes having a long term one more difficult to achieve. In any marriage there will ups and downs. The truth is that most days marriage are rather routine. You and your spouse develop a certain rhythm and then one day you get hit with something that it feels like your world is coming to end. ( and almost did).

You see I have been through one of those valleys and that in a unique way it has brought us much closer. After her second major surgery within 9 days of each other it was thought she would not make it through the night. When you start standing by the one that means everything to you and there is nothing you can do to help her it is a sense of hopelessness that can’t be described. She did and medically do this very day the medical professionals have no idea as to how she survive. My suspicions are 3 things have led to still having her. The first being her faith, the second her dna ( she will never give up) and third being my ability to make tough decisions. I am not in a popularity contest and most people don’t understand that and I can’t be worried about that. Each day I ask myself one question and that is how can I make her life better? My goal is pretty simple and that is to get her ready to meet the Lord God Almighty! I know that at some point I know I will being to going to the ultimately valley when I lose her. I can make all the plans I want but those go out the window the moment she takes her last breath. So there are some valleys coming your way and you better have a core belief system going in because when that valley hits is not the time to start finding one. The thing is the one secret married men carry with them everyday is the fear of losing the one that means everything in his world.

2 comments on “Marriage And The 2 Valleys Of Life”

  1. You sound like my husband. I’d had a rougher surgery earlier in the year, but they’d given me too much pain meds after a fairly routine one. Nurse coded me. Room filled with personnel, including the chaplain. I remember her slapping me. Later my husband heard the assistant surgeon tell the nurse, “Nice save.” She admitted she’d never had a patient with such a low oxygen reading walk out of the hospital. Gulp. I also have fibromyalgia. Husband does floors, and drove me 2 hours away to a writing workshop, drove back 3 days later to get me. Bless him. Bless you, Duke1959.


    1. I really don’t talk about the details of what really happened anymore because it’s not the real story. The real story is the miracle.


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