Blog Failure

While taking a break from a major remodeling project I am currently working on I got looking at some blogs I have followed off and on for years. Some are still going great guns while others have faded away. I know when I decided to close my old blog it was a tough decision but for me it was time to take a break and frankly looking back at some of those post became emotionally painful. The loss of my father etc. The question becomes this for many? Which blogs were more successful the ones that are going great guns or the one’s that have faded away? My guess is that there is really know way to know for sure. The ones that are going great guns have a certain charm to them that are unique to only them. I know of several but I would never use their name without their permission. For people who truly love to write we are like drug addicts and ultimately that was a major factor in me starting this new blog. I wasn’t getting the ” fix” I needed. We who love to write hope that what we share can bring some kind of thought to another but we have know way of knowing and in ways that is probably best. Writers do what they love do and hopefully someone’s life gets touch along the way.


  1. 🙂 Maybe, you can focus on enjoying the blogging process because when you love blogging, there is a strong chance of succeeding at it.

    Worry not about your so-called blogging failure; but about ways in which you can make blogging more enjoyable and easier for yourself.

    Do have yourself a splendid week!


    1. I think you missed the point of the post. It was just an observation of the blogging world I have noticed over the last decade or so.


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