Being Alone A Normal Human Feeling

Let’s face reality in the human experience especially the feeling of loneliness. It is a feeling on a daily basis and in some cases every second. Loneliness can be caused by many different things but all these feelings have one thing in common. That is a feeling that you are the only one on this planet of has these feelings. The reality is you are far from alone and sometimes that in itself can be a difficult to comprehend. When we begin life the vast majority of people have an open canvas about what lies ahead with hope and excitement. Then life starts to happen and for some it starts at a really early age then it goes straight downhill after that. There are countless stories about people who spend their entire lives in the judicial system. I know of a story that may be a good example of someone who only knew one way to help him deal with his loneliness. Decades ago their was an armed robbery at a Gulf gas station. When the police showed up the gunman was standing across the street waiting for them to put the cuffs on him. When he was asked why he did it his response was ” I really didn’t want to hurt anybody but I knew if I did this you would show up and put me back is prison where I feel at home”. In ways isn’t that the ultimate pain of loneliness? We have all felt the pain of losing someone close to us and over time you learn to live with it but you never get over it. Loneliness in itself is different for each person but there are times in which we put ourselves in situations that help lead us to those feelings. So a feeling of loneliness will probably be part of your life today and it may last a second or all day. The key thing is that it will pass over time.

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