Siblings Not Speaking Can Be Painful

For many years now I have not had any communication with my older brother and younger sister and that is painful. The one thing that my late father wanted was for his kids to patch up any differences that we might have between us. We lost him over 10 years ago and the last time I spoke to my older brother was at our fathers funeral. I approached him and said ” I know we have had our differences but isn’t it time to for us to move pass those things?” his response was ” it is what it is” and I haven’t spoke to him since. In regards to my younger sister it’s a whole different story. I received a post on Facebook that I didn’t have the ” skill set” to be her brother whatever that means? My brother is a bully and those kinds of people are easier to deal with. My sister is a religious hypocrite. Our mother has said to me that she has no idea why my sister behaves like she does. I have said to our mother that I hold no ill will towards either of them and I most certainly don’t want anything to happen to either one of them. The thing is for years I have been willing to speak with either one of them because when we stop being on this side of the sod it will be to late. Should I reach out to them? I don’t know. I could be setting myself for more pain over this or is this case of what do I have to lose? I simply don’t know the answer to question?

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