Do You Need To Powerwash Your Life?

Many of us are familiar with power washers which are basically water pressurized. They come in a variety of sizes and models. The most common are based on what the PSI ( pounds per square inch) are and flow rates. These are designed to force water into the tiniest of spaces to remove any debris that has built up over time.

So based on that does your life need to be hit with a power washer? Is your life filled with debris that you really don’t need? Do you have a series of one way relationships? We have those from time to time and frankly if you do you need to gradually let those folks go! It’s rude to flat out tell someone to get out of your life but in reality they are doing nothing but sapping your strength from more important things you can be doing. The harsh reality is that 90 to 95 percent of people in your life are just passing through. Now that sounds cold doesn’t it?

However if you take a closer look at your life through the years you will discover most people have just passed through. That is not saying that those people in that time of your life were not important and that you don’t feel a great deal of thankfulness for them but life does go on. This can be extremely difficult to face when you have known some people for decades. I think part of it is we want to cling onto something and are afraid to face the harsh reality of life. In order to do this you have to be honest with yourself and that on so many levels can be an emotional nightmare. The thing is as part of the human experience you crave social interactions with others.

Power washers come in many shapes and sizes the question is how much PSI does your life need? Mine needs to be used on a regular basis!

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