Life’s Ultimate Lesson

Over ten years ago while standing by my dying father’s bedside and he was telling me he was dying it was at that moment that I learned a valuable lesson about life. That is no matter how big or strong I am there are forces in this universe that I am as weak as a fly in a hurricane. I had always been there for him but on this night there was absolutely nothing I could do to help and we both knew it. After he had taken his last breath I did something I never had given any thought to and that was calling the time of his death. Just think about that for a second. It was one of the 2 things ( he had been in law enforcement) we had never talked about and now it was time to make that call. The other thing was the closing the lid on his casket. When I was approached by the funeral director and asked the question about closing the lid I told him I would do it. It was just instinctive for me to do it and frankly I couldn’t let someone else do it. My father taught me that as a man there are certain things you must go do no matter if you like it or not. My last words to his dead body were ” good by dad” when they should have been ” thank you dad”. Through the events of the last few years I have come to understand him better. Things he went through decades ago and that I frankly hammered him over I was so wrong. He had started talking with an old high school girlfriend and he said it was because she would just listen and nothing else. Now being a caregiver I understand how nice it would be just to have someone to listen. You see Mark Twain said the following:

SSo dSad taSo myught me life’s ultimate lesson and yet there was nothing I could do to change it.

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