Caregivers A Fight That They Know They Will Lose in The End

Let me state from the beginning that being a caregiver is tough and it is also very rewarding. Each day I wake up thinking how can I keep the person that means everything to me on this planet one more day! Let me make this perfectly clear that there is a terrible price that caregivers suffer from. It is a grind plane and simple and to not acknowledge that is foolish. I live by something that I call the 5 second rule which simply means that if something needs to get done I take care of it because I have no idea what might happen in the next 5 seconds. Of course this is not a good way to run your life but in the end what choice do I have? Caregivers have be prepared for anything that might happen. If something starts to go sideways with the one that means everything to you need to have a plan in place! During a crisis is not the time to wonder what you need to be doing! One of the biggest issues that caregivers struggle with is the perception from others. If I get one more version of ” I didn’t want to bother you” I very well may punch someone! What I wish people would was to contact me and let me make that decision. If I am busy I will simply tell you or not answer the phone. If I think someone is worth my time I will find the time for them. When I say to someone ” of there is anything I can do to help just let me know” that is what I mean. I will find the time for them even if that means later that day I have to stay up later. Caregivers we are an interesting bunch to say the least and lay everything on the line each day fighting a fight that we know we will lose in the end!

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