Offers Of Help Get Brushed Away To Quickly

In this day of so much uncertainty between genders there is something happening way to often and nobody wins. I know and for some justification many women have become hardened to any offers of help from a man. The nicesties game is played and the man usually walks away with some pithy comment and both sides understand that offer will never fulfilled and that is sad. A lot of it has to do with the insecurities of the men that are currently in their lives. My wife worked around men for a very long time that were smarter than me ( which isn’t saying much) and way more attractive than me and I never spent one second of my own insecurities being concerned about any of them offering to help her and that it would lead to something else. If they could help her and make her life better isn’t what that marriage certificate is all about anyway? The thing is you can never stop offering to help others because maybe one day that person is going through something that she needs help with and you could be her lifeline and of your marriage can’t deal with that then your marriage has many deeper issues that need to be dealt with and quickly.

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